Our team
Permanent employees

Permanent employees

Our team is made up of both male and female professionals who hold a variety of positions requiring wide-ranging skills. Permanent employees are divided into sub-groups fulfilling distinct but complementary responsibilities. The members of our staff work in close collaboration, especially considering that several only hold part-time positions.

The administrative team comprises a co-ordinator–caseworker assisted by an administrative officer and communications officer. They have the task of supervising, administering and promoting the organization.

Our team also includes qualified, highly experienced caseworkers, some of whom are members of professional associations. They have expertise in:

Team members benefit from a systemic approach to clinical supervision. They must respect an intervention philosophy based on the organization’s vision and code of ethics.

Furthermore, expertise in family and criminal law are required for the staff member in charge of the legal information service.

SAC also provides internships for law and social service students, which helps keep the organization up to date with the latest practices and expertise.