« I loved the group spirit, seeing group members support one another. » (Rupture group, 2004)

« It’s easier to talk because we are all experiencing similar things, we’re all in the same boat. » (Se retrouver et agir group, 2005)

« I am able to understand what I am going through right now. » (Se retrouver et agir group, 2006)

« The group has given me the opportunity to talk with other guys. » (Se retrouver et agir group, 2006)

« I don’t feel so alone. » (Temps dur group, 2006)

« The group enabled me to talk about and share what I was living through. That gave me back my confidence. » (Temps dur group, 2006)

« I became aware of my behaviour. I am more attentive and ready to listen to others. » (Temps dur group, 2006)