Group support

Group support

Four types of groups are offered on the basis of member needs, their goals varying according to their type:

a) The « Contact group » enables participants to find out about the basic topics dealt with in the other groups. Moreover, it helps clarify the expectations and needs of those who want to be involved in a group experience.

This group is the prerequisite for participating in the three other groups described below.

b) « Temps Durs » enables participants to share their experiences and to break out of their isolation. The goals are to reduce resentment, diminish anger, despair and anxiety.

c) « Se retrouver et agir » enables participants developing autonomy and assuming more responsibility in situations they are going through. The goals are to clarify their thoughts, to change behaviours and to reduce risk situations.

d) « Améliorer mes relations » enables participants improving bonds with themselves, others and with the community. The goal is to develop skills and behaviours facilitating collaboration into their relationship.

The goal is to develop behaviors and skills that promote collaborative relationships.

Group support is available to SAC member's only. Intake evaluation is mandatory to enter in a group. Meetings are typically held from 19h00-21h00. At the moment, the only group available is « Se retrouver et agir » .