Initial contact

Initial contact

Initial contact with the organization is made through direct communication with those requesting help. You must phone us personally to make an appointment. A few questions will be asked in order to properly direct your request.

Languages :

Our services are available in both French and English.

Waiting period :

We do not have any kind of a waiting list. The first meetings are held as quickly as possible, from 2 to 7 days after the initial telephone call. The first appointment may involve a quick support and orientation meeting, an intake evaluation meeting or a legal information meeting. In order to receive individual or group psychosocial support services, participants must become SAC members during the intake evaluation meeting.

Referrals :

You must contact the organization yourself by calling 514-384-6296, so that we can be aware of your expectations and the reason for your request. An appointment for an initial personal contact will be made and we will be able to answer your questions at that time. You may be asked to sign a release of information authorization form to facilitate better intervention in certain situations. It can sometimes be more effective to have several organizations involved in working with a participant.