Individual support

Individual support

The individual support service lets the participant receive help according to the goals set out with the caseworker, who will be able to support the participant in what he is thinking, experiencing and feeling in respect to his problem. Such meetings enable us to sound out the participant’s expectations and explore the possible options and realistic measures that could be used to prevent domestic violence.

Most of our interventions involve these individual support meetings.

The amount of time they will take is determined according to the goals set jointly by the participant and the caseworker during the intake evaluation.

The major goals are:

To establish and maintain a relationship of trust, develop relationship skills, focus on the here and now, assess and reduce the risk of violence, and clarify the emotional and rational experience, as well as the relevant actions to be taken.

Participants, in conjunction with the caseworker, will be able to measure the impact and consequences of the measures used to deal with their personal situation, their present or future relationships and their environment in relation with the specified request.

The individual support service is offered to SAC members and is available by appointment only.