Does this concern me?

Does this concern me?

SAC provides services to men with relationship problems. The men who contact the organization do so voluntarily and are motivated by a desire to solve such problems.

Participants are usually between 18 and 70. They are looking for a quick, personalized and confidential service. They want professional and respectful assistance. They are hoping to lessen their emotional pain and find out what to do, irrespective of their sexual orientation or ethno-cultural origin.

Issues mostly involve:

Couple breakdown:

Jealousy and conflicts within the couple:

Face to face with spousal abuse:


Please note that we do NOT provide services for:

We are here to talk about your relationship problems, help you understand and find tools to resolve them, provide you with support in dealing with conflicts and guide you in bringing about changes.

We are here to help you rediscover freedom of choice, freedom to change and, sometimes, freedom to give up.