Needs expressed

Needs expressed

Needs expressed by users in their request for help

This table shows the various needs expressed by last year's users. The services we provide are adapted to the men who seek our help in order to work upstream with their most pressing needs and to prevent violence.

Needs expressed 2016-2017 Phone
Evaluation process
Emotional - Reduce suffering and tensions, get back on my feet, reach stability, get through the situation, receive support, talk to someone, break out of isolation. 24% 46%
Cognitive - Make a choice, make a decision, find a direction, to understand, sort things out, to clarify, to shed light on things. 22% 35%
To take action - To obtain information, tools, means, tips, to know what to do, to gain knowledge. 16% 25%
To change behaviour - To change attitudes, my behaviour, to change a relational dynamic 14% 51%
Growth - To take steps, to follow a path, to increase my self-esteem, to go through a grieving process. 4% 15%
Legal obligations & to raise awareness - To complete court orders, to raise awareness about domestic violence. 11% 44%
Undefined request - To clarify their needs, to get help, « I heard you might be able to help me », to get information about the SAC. 9% ----